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Kursumlijska Spa – Serbia


Bordered on all the sides by the well wooded slants of Mt. Kopaonik (2017 m), Kursumlijska Spa is situated 11 km south-west of Kursumlija (southern Serbia).

Kursumlijska Spa - panoramic view

This natural health resort is situated at 432-448 m altitude, in the River Banjska Ravine (the right tributary of the Toplica), 276 km away from Belgrade – through Krusevac, 76 km from Nis and 77 km from Pristina.

There are four types of waters in Kursumlijska Spa, different by their chemical composition and hardness (sulphurous, carbon-acidic, alkaline and ferrous), and by temperature (14° – 67° C) – exploited from about ten springs.

The waters that are actively used for therapeutic purposes (by drinking, bathing, mud-bathing and aerosol) are the hypo-thermae (67° C) containing sodium-hydro-carbonate, fluorine and sulphides. Peloid – the healing thermo-mineral mud – is also used.

The traces of an ancient bath, tombstones and silver coins of Philip II from the 3rd century, point out to the usage of these waters by ancient Romans for medical purposes. (In 1884, a teacher, Mihailo St. Riznic, found on the Banjska River’s right bank, a white marble oath stone with a carved text dedicated to the spa nymph, the goddess of the healful waters; this precious plate was taken to Germany by the German invaders in 1917.

Kursumlijska Spa was used in medieval Serbia, and then in the times of Turkish rule, as reported by Edward Brown, an English doctor from the 17th century. The Spa became unjustifiably neglected later on, so that around 1870, there was only one wooden cottage over the hot water spring and a few sheds.

Renewal of Kursumlijska Spa was launched in 1882, but the first significant buildings were built from 1883 till 1934. (A shareholding society for landscaping the Spa was founded in 1928.)

Still, it was only in 1950, with the construction of the Mud Bath, that a more detailed embellishing of this, today very modern. Spa and tourist centre was commenced.

Hotel "Žubor" in Kursumlijska Spa

Healing with the help of the healing water and bath mud in Kursumlijska Spa is conducted in the modernly equipped “Zubor” Institute for rehabilitation and prevention of disability, built in 1982.
A specialized team of doctors, physio-therapists and other medical staff takes care of the patients.


The therapeutical division within the Institute comprises:

  • two hydro-therapy pools
  • bath tubs of various application possibilities
  • beds for applying of bath mud
  • gyms for kinesi-therapy
  • work therapy
  • massage and electric therapy…

The wooded slopes and heights (570-900 m) surrounding the Spa and its altitude and location within the dry river ravine – without fog and strong winds  rank Kursumlijska Spa among the climatic resorts – fresh, pleasant and also suitable just for rest in the tranquillity of the unspoilt nature.

Sojourn in this natural resort enables excursions to be made to Kursumlija (established in the 11th century and to the remains of Stefan Nemanja’s endowments – the Churches of the Holy Mother and St. Nicolas (12th century), to the Spas of Prolom and Lukovska. to Djavolja Varos – the natural phenomenon unique in Serbia and very rare in the world (earthen stone-topped pyramids of up to 20 m height), to Prokuplje, Nis and to the Serbian medieval monasteries in Kosovo.